Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spreading Doom Blogspot

Hi & welcome to my new blog "Spreading Doom".

As we all now Metal is an ever expanding sonic storm with tons of genres, sub genres, mixtures between them and influences ranging from classical music, to folk, space rock and almost anything you could imagine. It has been for long years now that the genre has evolved from those first Heavy and Doom Metal abums from England that gave birth and stregth to the movement, to the present where diferent individual scenes have sprouted all arround the globe, and under the Extreme Metal label, bands have gone beyond belief to create some of the most crazy music existing now a days.

The fact that tecnology today allows bands to start recording and spreading their material with out much of the trouble old bands had to endure while starting. Today you dont need music labels to record or release your stuff, all you need is a good computer and a cool constructed website and you can get started(ex: See all the independet one man band in Black Metal).

So this two facts mixed with the metal revival thing that has been goin on for the last 6 years or bringing back to vogue some of the genres that made an impact like Thrash and OSDM, has produced an oversaturation of bands in every mayor genre and sub genre. With millions a young bands jumping on the band wagon looking to be the next Megadeth or Incantation and the old school bands trying to make a quick grab cash by bringin the original line ups for tours, or tryng to make albums that sound something they´d put out in their best days.

This sucks.

Not only are we being bombarded  with millions of shitty bands using the same riff invented 30 years ago with some overproduction or we see how some of the bands that help pave the way are turning into shit because of the industry new demands or because of the money. This has made it very difficult for Metalheads to discover worthy old and new bands that deserve atention and recognition.

So the purpose for this Blog is that, Help fellow metal head by doing reviews of bands, albums, record houses, and live presentation of bands I have found and liked, not only new upcoming bands but oldschool bands i find are overlooked and underapreciated. Just to get the word out. Just to spread the doom...

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